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Hardcore Mega Pass Angie

One of my boys in the office handed this little blonde 18 year old hussie a business card in a bar, seems they got to having a little chat, and she explained to him how she just moved into the area from South Carolina and didnt really know anyone and could use some extra cash. He hit her with the card, and she called the next day to get in for her interview, during her interview Angie agreed to get naked for $50, although somewhat nervous I still had the nasty little whore naked within 3 minutes, that might be a new record even for me :) In any case when it came down to making some extra cash, Angie wasn't as easy as I was hoping she would be, she bargained a bit, and I was running out of time, I didnt even think she would ever give in, and finally, she did, within 7 minutes Angie is on her knees begging to please, sucking man beef of someone she doesnt even know and within 8 minutes she is bent over the lunch room table taking a cock into her tiny teen pussy.

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