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Hardcore Mega Pass Heidi

Ok, talk about a dumb ass blonde, well we have her, this takes the cake for a girl that might look great, oh and trust me she looks amazing, look at her amazing tight 18 year old body, he ass is one of a kind. Now back to Heidi this girl was so easy to trick into trying something new it was amazing, she originally planned on doing some bikini, or at most panty and bra modeling, within 5 minutes of my interview I have her topless, so that doesn't say a whole lot for her sticking to her game plan, as the interview moves on, so do I, 'Take of your panties'.... 'Well I really only planned on doing panty and bra modeling'... She might have had plans but so did I, my plan once I saw her amazing shinny lips, was that I needed to see them around a cock. The fact is a girl wont come in to do modeling if she doesn't need the money, very rarely is it because she wants to try something new and exciting and perhaps end up being treated like a whore.

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