Hardcore Mega Pass Angelina

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Hardcore Mega Pass Angelina

Check out this amazing young blonde named Angelina. She has amazing blonde hair, perfect sexy eyes and a body that would make just about anyone drop dead. She's as close to a 10 as your going to get. I was chatting with Angelina for about 10 minutes when one of my employee's and one of my friends stopped up at the office, they came in at an excellent time, as I had the little blonde naked. As I got to talk to Angelina more and more it seemed to me that she was the type of girl to try new things, and it also seemed that she could use a little bit of cash, so I offered her $25.95 to suck off my friend, she pretty much laughed at me, but I wanted to see how low she would go. I continued to raise the payout to more money than this little blonde could ever get working a full week at the Laundromat, she finally agreed a blowjob for my friend - SOLD!

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