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Hardcore Mega Pass Tyler

Tyler has been modeling for us for a very, very long time, only doing softcore stuff, after she called for her normal 'softcore' appointment to come in she came in for her shoot late. Little did i expect Tyler to look super hot, and be very horny. After we got done doing some of the norm, filling out paperwork and what not, we began to shoot, when just jokingly i said, 'so you wanna suck my cock?' She actually said yes! This was the first time in almost 2 years she said that, so i thought something was up, i followed her story line and decided to press the issue, offered her some money, blah blah, and before you know it I hit the right price tag and tyler was ready to go, on her knees begging to please, this little slut couldn't have done it any better, the video shows her amazing skills being only 18 years old, then to top my boring day off with a cherry I blew my load on her face, she hated it, and wanted me to cum on her chest instead. Sorry Tyler, this is FacialHumiliation.com!

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