Hardcore Mega Pass Malana

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Hardcore Mega Pass Malana

Malana answered a bogus ad we placed to be in a calendar, and when she arrived we did everything we could to get her to tryout for the front cover of the calendar. When I finally had her excited about being a super cover calendar girl, I laid it on her, sorry Malana there are a lot of girls trying out for the cover of the calendar, and if you want to be considered you need to suck my cock. She didn't like that idea too much, but after going back and forth with her, she was on her knees and we discovered who the real Malana was a dirty little whore waiting to explode from her shell. Before you know it I'm on top of her fucking her face, than wham, 'I'm going to cum on your face', before she can remove the cock from her mouth and squeeze out the word,' no!' nothing but a face full.... You're a calendar girl now bitch!

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