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Hardcore Mega Pass Mc Kenzie

I met this dumb bitch while i was on vacation for my friends birthday. Don't you hate those 18 year old bitches that are all talk? While she was at the club dancing, she was ready to do whatever. She was late showing up to my hotel room so i did not even think she was going to show up. After arguing with her for 20 minutes trying to do a non nude shoot with her, my patience was wearing thin. She finally agreed to do a full nude shoot. First thing I had the bitch do was take her clothes off so I can check out her 18 year old tight pussy. I had her fingering herself with 2 fingers and she had her cunt so wet! Little did she know that my friend is black and she had no idea she was about to have a 10 inch black cock shoved down her throat. I even made her hum a song (for being late) watch the movie while my friend blows his load in her eye!!

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