Bang Bros Network Naomi - Remastered: Naomi

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Bang Bros Network Naomi - Remastered: Naomi

Sup everyone! Todays update is a interesting addition. If anyone remembers a certain big and busty girl called Naomi, you'll know what's in store for you! For those who haven't seen this gem, let me paint you a little picture. Ugs and Dirty are doing what they do best, accompanied by Ramone and Iman. While driving through little Hialeah, the boys surprise Naomi as she strolls her fat ass down the street. They offer the cash and she hops in the bus hook, line and sinker. Ramone plugs her good and hard, like always, making her big fat tits bounce around like crazy. All in all it's a classic Bang Bus from the Dirty One, save for one little detail. The Dirty One Finally comes out of the shadows for the first time ever. We finally get to see the face behind the madness!! Enjoy the update! Tune in for more next time!

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