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Sleep Creep Emy Reyes

I went out for a vacation getaway for New Years. Im glad I did because I met a hot little Brazilian girl who LOVED to party and pretty much was down for anything! We hung out all night and partied like crazy! Champagne, friends and a whole lot of hot girls everywhere! This girl Emy and I went to our hotel rooms and partied a little more there. Im telling you this girl has some of the perkiest and fimest asses I've fucked in a while. She was not only raly cute and soft but she was eager for the cock! We stayed up all night just slamming it away and fucking like bunnies! She was worn out the next day so she slept in while I made my move and slid into her wet beautiful pussy. I just can't get enough of this slut! It was really that amazing! Looking forward to a whole new year of a fresh sleep creep crop!

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