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Sleep Creep Jewel Bancroft

18 year old pussy is a beautiful thing in life. When it comes your way you gotta make sure you get all the mileage out of it you can before it slips away. When it came to Asian delight Jewel, she was ready to fuck any cock that came close to her. She slept over all day after a LONG night of passionate wild sex and if you're like many other guys, you like to show off that you fucked one of the hottest 18 year old pussies anyone will ever cum across. A buddy of mine came over and knowing what a creep he is, I shared the fortune and wealth. She was asleep like a log when she got a mouthful of cock, and the best part was she looked like she was running on instinct the way she was sucking on it. This Asian teen slut knew what she was in for and fucking loved getting her dripping wet tight pussy fucked and handled!! One thing about this sleeping Asian cookie is how damn dreamy her entire body felt when it was up against a giant cock!

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