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Sleep Creep Deena Daniels

Summertime always means various house parties to be attended. Last week, on one of the hottest day of the season, I had to make my way up the Hills, to one of those mansions that without proper directions, you would never notice. The party was well-attended, even if most participants were young. College kids, trying their hand at being glamorous socialites for a night. I moved around the crowd, slightly out of place and out of range. I explored the house, wondering what family knick-knack I would find. Until I stumbled upon the brooding, lonely Deena, reading in some room, isolated from the party. She was sleepy and the noise was keeping her awake. I explained how I could rock her gently into sleep. As I gently caressed her small body, I could feel her falling asleep. She was so blissfully gone that she barely twitched as I pinched her pussy. I pulled as hard as I could, and still got no reaction, so I knew it was time to fuck her silly.

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