Sleep Creep Heather Vahn

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Sleep Creep Heather Vahn

Heather is a fucking teenage nympho!!! Heather was in one of my Biology classes last summer and thought she was cute but never pursued her since she had a boyfriend at the time. We were lab partners for a project once and I had given her my number. After the semester was over she ended up calling me randomly and asking me out on a date. We stayed at her place and cooked dinner and watched a movie when all of a sudden we ended up talking about our fantasies! Things got heated and when I told her how I get off sleep creeping, she was so fascinated that after we fucked twice that night she begged me to sleep creep her!! With little convincing needed I walked in her and slowly took her panties off and stuck my cock inside her tiny orifices! Her tits are so soft and perky I had to nut on her face while staring at them!!

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