Pimp Parade Brown Suga

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Pimp Parade Brown Suga

Man, I aint gotta stress ya'll how dis pimpin' documentray shit been changin' ma life! Im rollin last night with ma homie picking up his hoes and takin' em back ta da crib, ya know how we do, n get da partay started rite son! Da secon' I walk in da house it was popin'!! I tell ya boi dis bitches rite here are da bomb! Big ass titties, bangin asses and sum a da mos luscious motha fuckin' pussy you can wrap yo fuckin mouf round! No joke dese hoes are down fo what-e-v-a! Suckin yo dick and rubbin ther big tits n eatin eachotha ouut!!! Bitches are prime fo sho!

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