Pimp Parade Rane Revere

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Pimp Parade Rane Revere

We got pretty luck this time around because we had these 3 fine ass black hoes coming into the office looking for a good man in their life because their last pimp vanished on them. I don't know if he went to jail or left town on them. So I went ahead and put them under PIMP ARREST. These black girls are pretty and each one had some booty on them. I'm talking about that smooth booty, no scars, stretch marks, or permenant bite marks. There was an asian hoe who had been hanging around a pimp for a while wanting to get in the mix so I brought her in the room with the rest of the hoes. We decided to pick this one hoe named Rane out of the bunch for a test shoot. she's skinny but got some crazy curves and bubbly ass. We got some great closeups of that black pussy and asshole. A pimp classic.

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