Sleep Creep Veronique Vega

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Sleep Creep Veronique Vega

Veronique and I were at a friends party, which was ok but a bit too boring and stale. I noticed Veronique's beautiful eyes begin to close slowly and took it upon myself to take her back to my place. She told me how tired she was but was having a great time with me and didn't want it to end. She begged to play around with her for a while no matter how tired she was. So of course we began to undress ourselves and feel each other when she started kissing her way down my body and wrapped her thick wet pouting lips around my hard dick. She was so tired she actually ended up falling asleep in the middle of the blowjob! I wasn't going to let her wishes go unfulfilled, I slipped it in every part of her tight little body that drove me wild!! And just as a wake up call I splashed her cute little face with a warm load on her pretty face!

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