Sleep Creep Brynn Tyler

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Sleep Creep Brynn Tyler

I'm a big football fan, so some Friday nights I go watch the local college team. What's great is even when the team looses, the cheerleaders are hot enough to take my attention away from the game. All the girls are tight, but my favorite is Brynn. Her blonde hair makes her very easy to spot on the field. I focus, stare at her little dress fly up her thighs and reveal her tight little panties, stretching over her pussy. She's major league material. But the thing I really enjoy about watching Brynn run and jump all over night is how tired she'll get. And knowing that she'll be waiting for me after the game, deeply asleep, willing to let me do my thing. I love how she smiles when I slide my hand between her panties and warm pussy. I even gave her my dick for her nighttime munchies. Sometimes I wonder if she's really asleep, but she never opens her eyes, even when I slide in my huge cock.

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