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Sleep Creep Ruby Ryder

I was carpooling with Ruby after a long day at the mall. I needed to run a few errands there, and she works at a clothing store. She generously offered to share a ride. Just as we were getting on the freeway, we noticed the stalled traffic. Static rivers of red lights. Nothing was moving and we were still only on the access ramp. We would be lucky to even get in a lane before sunset. As we inched forward, Ruby started yawning. Her grip on the steering wheel relaxed. Her eyes blinked from the oncoming car lights. She was so tired, she offered me to sleep over at her place, to avoid unsafely extending the drive in the small hours of the night. But I know Ruby, she's a flirt, and behind her noble intentions of protecting other drivers, she wanted a piece of dick. I warned her. It doesn't matter how sleepy she would be once in bed.

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