Pimp Parade Kali Dreams

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Pimp Parade Kali Dreams

Waz up playas!? Documentin' my homies pimpin skills is a trip son! His bitches are off da fuckin hook raunchy!! These are some mother fuckin freaky hoe bitches and are down fo some nasty shit! Anal, ass da mouf' whatever yo in da mood fo son, this shit is jus' wild! He brought out his A n B list and some of these bitches are jus' flat ready on ther knees waitin' fo a brothas cock t get shoved up in ther'! I'm all fo it! Ain't no tellin' whats up wit these hoes when a brotha comes over to a playas crib, ya know? Big asses, sloppy titties, wet dick suckin lips and some juicy ass pussies! WHOOO shit son! I'm tellin' ya no doubt yo dick is gonna get rock hard with these bitches!!

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