Sleep Creep Jayda Stevens

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Sleep Creep Jayda Stevens

My roommate has been seeing this girl Jayda on and off for a couple of weeks. He didn't really care for her. She'd get at our place late at night and he would leave her to crash and go out. We had way to much time to spend together, alone in the apartment. Given that my roommate would only come back in the early mornings, almost surprised to see Jayda still sleeping in his bed, I knew he wasn't likely to indulge her in romantic - yet sloppy - morning sex. All the poor girl wanted was to be surprised in bed. Preferably by a huge cock. So we agreed, she would let me sneak in on her one night and let me rub her warm body with my hands. I would get my fingers deep inside of her until she was wet enough for me to push my cock. All she wanted was for someone, anyone, to blow his load on her cute, sleepy face.

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