Pimp Parade Alana James

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Pimp Parade Alana James

Tis the season for some serious pimpin' n slangin'. Santa brought some hoes over to get the party started off right! Alana James was the head reindeer leading 5 more of the luscious round ass booty hood rats straight to my fuckin' candy cane!! It was off the fuckin' hook having 6 giggling bitches just askin to get fucked reindeer style. It was unreal fo' sure! All these big ass bitches crawlin' on their hands and knees climbin' on a brotha's dick. When they started to get down to suckin' it was insane. Perfect head from all these hoes, strokin' and suckin with just the right amount of slurpin'. Shit was tight! And those asses...DAMN! This really is the season to be merry as hell when you got these 6 bitches lookin' to get their chimney fucked!

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