Bree gets throated deep.

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Bree gets throated deep.

Oh MY FUCKING GOD!!! I have been quivering in anticipation of seeing Bree Olson get Throated!!! She starts off by saying I've been a bad girl!! I need to be Throated!! WoW!! I love the way this chick talks dirty!! Bree is already in the same perverted state-of-mind as us!! I'm tellin ya... she says almost everything that you're already thinking!!! We've all cum to know and love Bree's submissive little guise. She is DAMN good at what she does!! That perfect tight little body those firm round tits and her obedient manner make her a precious commodity!!! Why can't more girls have manners like that?!? I DO!! The way Bree jumps on that Cock and immediately shoves it down her throat reminds me I haven't crammed a cock down my throat in like 6 HOURS?!!? That's way too much time!! I'm addicted to the way I'm helpless that I can't breathe cause that schlong is holding me down filling up all the way into my esophagus!!! Then I gag pushing the cock out of my throat and then it gets immediately rammed back in there cause he's shooting a nut making me take the whole load into my stomach!!! No messy clean-up!!! I've swallowed everything!! That's what I call a clean slate!! Who wants to clean up after a good blowjob anyway right..??

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