Throated Jenna James - Jenna James licks balls

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Throated Jenna James - Jenna James licks balls

Girls with lower back tattoos almost always turn out to be real freaks. My friends and I call 'em 'whore brands' and having one is like having a flashing neon sign above your ass that says 'come fuck my throat and use me like a fuck doll'. Jenna James has a lower back tattoo (of course) and the cutest tiny tits I've ever seen! You don't have to have big boobs to be a sexpot and Jenna proves that she's just as sexy as any other girl by peeling out of her schoolgirl skirt and sucking cock in the backyard. She immediately goes for his balls and sucks them into her mouth so that she can tickle them with her tongue. Once she turns her attention to the rest of his cock she takes him all in her mouth and sucks until he's poking through her jaw. Jenna is definitely a petite cute little thing and we are dying for her to come back for some more throat therapy.Come back soon Jenna!*Monique*

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