Throated Kymber Troy - Kymber has beautiful eyes!

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Throated Kymber Troy - Kymber has beautiful eyes!

If blowjobs came with a Zagat rating Kymber Troy would be off the meter. And she knows it too. She bats those big Betty Boop eyes while she downs a dick big enough to choke a horse and reveals in a sexy whisper that she loves sucking cock so much that it gets her wet. Since Kymber is so confident about her cock swallowing skills we skipped the preliminaries the 'getting to know you's'and all the bullshit and got right down to what's important - the throat fucking. She keeps up a steady stream of dirty talk that would send most men into an early load-blowing orbit. Our stud leans her head over the edge of the bed and pile drives her throat so deep that his balls touch her nose and almost lead to our first on-set suffocation. We revived Kymber long enough to shoot a wad of jizz that landed...well just about everywhere.Kymber Troy is the face that launched a thousand dicks!**Monique**

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