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The Minion Mulaan

Before she was Tia Tanaka she was Mulaan Wang or something retarded like that. She said I looked like Buddah since my newly shaved head and big gut were present. I can't believe the audacity these bitches have. Let it be said that I, The Mighty Minion, shelled out the funds from my own pocket for this whore to fly in from whatever godforsaken country she's from. I could have sent a rowboat for her but I had a change of cholesterol-filled heart. Mulaan must have learned her cock sucking and fucking skills from the massage parlor I saved her from. She's now a huge fucking deal in porn and I had a huge hand in that. However, I heard she's still not that bright. When we fucked I told her I wanted to 69 and she said back,Why do you want beef and broccoli now?. Simply amazing.

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