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The Minion Crystal

I don't remember how I came across this winner. It was either a fellow agent, a suitcase pimp, or a Winnebago. This white trash slut had the same old song and dance about being a huge porn star. I quickly informed her that the porn wolrd can be a scary once since no porn sets are ever catered. She asked if she could one day buy a house and other naive questions that are common of new porn sluts. I lost my cool and broke the news that the road to fame and fortune was through me. She looked at me the same way I'm looked at when I fart during funerals. I can tell you for a fact that her mouth was a nice garage for my dick and her pussy as well. Crystal soon left porn for the good and now flips burgers to pay for her Winnebago gas. I get free food at her place since I've blackmailed her with this scene.

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