The Minion Jasmine Tame

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The Minion Jasmine Tame

Jasmine Tame is a porn star whore. She loves what she does and makes no bones about it. I heard she was talking mad shit about me and my porn chick dealing ways so I had to cut her down to size. I had us fuck outside as opposed to the in door fucking she's used to. She's also used to outdoor plumbing since this southern whore still thinks a great place to meet men is at family reunions. Normally fake tits annoy me as much as the waiter who doesn't bring ketchup for my fries. However, Jasmine's wet pussy and mouth made me forget all about that the same way I'm sure she hopes to forget that she ever met me. I suppose I can forgive her since she is a whore after all and they don't know any better. I was able to tame the wild Jasmine only after I dumped my jizz in her mouth and she accepted like a hungry little slut.

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