Glory Hole Jules Sterling

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Glory Hole Jules Sterling

Jules Sterling Blonde hottie Jules thought she was just going to the bathroom, but couldn't believe all the writings on the wall about black cocks, and she nervously eyed the curious tape lined hole on the side wall. She decides to let it all hang out, and displays some fine young female flesh as she dumps her duds and starts strokin on her hot spot. When a length of black dick suddenly slides in through that weird hole, she doesn't know whether to run away, or take advantage of a free dick, so she chooses to taste this newly discovered treasure, and see where that leads. It leads to a very hard black dick, and since she's already naked, she decides to put it where it was made to go, and gives her pussy a taste of this unexpected bounty. When he's about to pop, she decides that face decorating is the way to go, and jerks it all over her face and in her mouth!

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