Glory Hole Sammy Grand

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Glory Hole Sammy Grand

Sammy Grand Curly-haired amatuer Sammy looks at us and says, I heard of this place called a gloryhole (?) and a dick comes through the hole or something she wasn't sure of what exactly is supposed to happen, but she came ready for a new experience, and while she's waiting, she strips, and sits down to give her clit a workout. Then it magically appears, over 12 of black hose, waiting for a willing mouth to provide some ectasy! Sammy dives right in, and soon it's balls deep in her throat with more black magic than she ever imagined! She wonders how it would feel in her pussy, so she bends right over and shoves it in till she's shuddering with pleasure. Sammy can't wait to taste this stranger's jizz so she breaks out the super-suction setting on her mouth, and jerks him until she's got niggah jizz on her breath, then cleans up around her mouth before a hasty exit.

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