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The Minion Lori London

I can't stress enough that I am the measuring stick in porn. Lori London is a fiend for the white stuff and I'm not talking about jizz. Her boyfriend was arrested for trying to sneak the shit up his ass while going through airport security. I agreed to get him a bail bondsman but only if his girlfriend put her annoying voice to good use. Fuck it, she put her mouth to good use and I made sure my stamina was at an all time high. My cock was at full attention as well as my stocks in fast food places I have a vested interest in. I dumped my load and sent her on her way. I hear that her boyfriend is now on his third strike and is on the run from the law. I hope it happens so Lori will beg me for a place to crash. I'll allow her on the condition that my buffet buddies get to gangbang her on Wednesday nights since my local buffet has pork night and I'm not down with that.

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