The Minion Roxy Jezel

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The Minion Roxy Jezel

My domination of the free world continues. I flew Roxy Jezel in from England where she used to sing in bars for pints of Guinness. I told her the following,Come to the U.S and suck and fuck porn studs in great shape for tons of cash. She obliged in our email exchanges and was soon in my place. Roxy Jezel was shocked to see me and almost left. I technically didn't lie to her since she's used to pounds as opposed to U.S currency and she soon had my Patriotic cock in her mouth. I used her mouth to re-enact the Battle Of Bunker Hill since I eventually shot my canon in her mouth. The tart had the nerve to wipe it on my belly so I sent her home in a shirt proclaiming love for the I.R.A. I always win.

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