Please Bang My Wife - Kourtney Kane

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Please Bang My Wife - Kourtney Kane

Kourtney Kane's husband was in big trouble. He owed a lot of cash to some friends of mine and they were pretty pissed. But the dude just got a lucky break striking up a deal with the wife banging crew that would wipe off that debt. If I nail his hot wife Kourtney as he watches for all to see that would enough to please my friends. Kourtney agreed seeing as how this was not the first time this swinging couple strayed from their marriage but this was the first it's being filmed! I undressed Kourtney and sucked on her large chichis before spreading her legs wide and munched on her moist twat. She then dropped to her knees and sucked on my huge wang as her husband watches every nut sucking moment. Kourtney then temporarily fell off her matrimony pony and rode my big baloney until all her hubby's debt has been paid off!

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