See Her Squirt - Mallory Rae Murphy

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See Her Squirt - Mallory Rae Murphy

Another day another squirter and boy was I psyched up especially when I saw how gorgeous the newest addition to the squirting club, Mallory Rae. She says she found out about her squirting talent during a bondage shoot. Since then she practiced hard to further develop her skills and now she claims she's now a squirting expert a certified PhD in Poon Fountainography! I decided to put this little lady to the test and sure enough she was able to produce the result. She says she can even make a bigger squirt with a guy with strong fingers. I came over and buried my face on her wet pussy and finger fucked her until she exploded with a big splash of twat juice! I then bent her over and sent my big dick on a wet and wild adventure as her pussy acts like a ticking time bomb ready to explode anytime!

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