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See Her Squirt - Juliette Bardot

He said it himself, she's so hot that he wants to whip out his cock that moment and do this gorgeous chick. But she admitted that she was no pro in squirting much more in front of a camera but she did it once with her boy toy. She even showed me how the hell did she do it and I was like wow and she really was determined to do it again. I got turned on with her story and the next thing I knew my hands were all over her breasts and then I cleaned her kitchen while my fingers went in and out of her wet pussy. I felt a boner coming, I whipped it out and her lips was all over her junk I think I went all out in banging her twat until her flood gates opened. I was totally drenched with her hot love juice but she had more buckets of fluid to give. DOWNLOAD the hot squirting moment of Juliette Bardot ONLY at!

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