Teeny Bopper Club - Deena Daniels

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Teeny Bopper Club - Deena Daniels

We were chillin at a local park, just kicking it when I spotted this hot teen attempting to ride one of those mini bikes. It wasn't going very well. She took a huge digger so I ran over, asked her if she was alright. She got up, laughed and said maybe mini biking wasn't her thing. I smiled, said maybe you have other skills that could earn you some cash. She was intrigued. Told me her name was Deena Daniels and she was 18 years old. My favorite age. I asked Deena to come and hang out back at my pad, just had to make a quick stop at the studio. She asked what a studio was. LOL. I would be more than happy to give this hot teen a guided tour.

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