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Wild Fuck Toys - India Summer

Wild Fuck Toys - India Summer
The mad scientist is back in the lab with a few more inventions to help humanity in it's hour of need. Back in July, people were already writing stories of how 2016 is the worst year ever, and now that we have a President that vowed to fight internet porn, we need science to step in a make things right again. Because if there's one thing that we can rely on, is that science is continually working on new things to fuck and get fucked by. And isn't that what the country is really waiting for? If we all just had a place to regularly put our dick, I think we would all get along just fine.

Wild Fuck Toys - Kitty Jung

Wild Fuck Toys - Kitty Jung
There's a scale to measuring tits in porn that usually breaks down to 'big' and 'small'. There's a chance that you get 'huge' every once in a while, but it's usually because some pornstar decided that we would like to see her with 20lbs of saline implanted in their tits. ( and we usually do ) But once a decade, you get to see a girl that isn't even on the scale at all, and she never was. Most of the time, a girl has some tits, even though they're as small as can be. But rarely, a girl will have no tits at all. And even more rarely, she'll get into porn. But it's happened, and my favorite girl to fall into the 'no tits at all' category is Kitty Jung.

Wild Fuck Toys Aline

Sexy Aline wants to cum more... can you blame her?
This dirty whore named Aline came into my office and told me she had a condition... you see, she could cum three times a day or more, and she never stopped feeling dirty. She wanted to try out my Wild Fuck Toys method to see if it would help her - so we busted out some of the biggest, hardest, and roughest toys we got, and we gave her a hard fucking she'll surely not forget.

Wild Fuck Toys Michelle Avanti

Why would she lick that big lollipop when my cock tastes so much better?
We bring Michelle Avanti to try out our Wild Fuck Toys in this week's update. She eats so much sugar that she's always too hopped up and can't cum when she gets fucked or when she plays with her own pussy. We'll fix that.

Wild Fuck Toys Kayden Faye

I don't know about you, but I think she likes it.
Kayden Faye is so full of gas that no guy wants to get close to her, nevermind fuck her. She comes to us for help, and we decide that we need to give her the wild fuck toys she needs to clean out her system. After an hour of therapy, our office smells like shit, but she's cured.

Wild Fuck Toys Diana Prince

What's the mask for?
Diana Prince couldn't cum anymore once her clit was pierced. She came to our doctor believing all was lost and looking for relief. We decided to run her and her insensitive pussy to the test and see if we couldn't fix that pussy of hers.