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Wife Switching 101

Wife Switching 101
To continue our discussion on what a wife's duties to her husband are, we're going to take a look at the concept of wife swapping. Now, this isn't something that a lot of guys might like to get in on, and I can understand why. I mean, part of the joy of marriage is knowing that no other guy is going to get to fuck that girl for the rest of her life. I know that's a bit of a shallow thing to say, but it's kind of true. So I know that wife switching is straight out for some guys. But some wives insist that in order for you to get other pussy, she's got to get fucked too, and that might be a non-starter for you. But there is way to get around that feeling of having another guy fuck your wife.

Swapping Wives

Swapping Wives
I think there are a lot of men out there who wish that they could get a big boob pass to swap their wife or girlfriend for tonight's girlfriend, especially when their wife is being a bitch to them. Even if there's nothing actually going wrong in the marriage and the sex is good, us men, as well as women, may have the thought of swapping out their mate to fuck somebody else.

Wife Switch The Pierces and The Wests

Watch them swap wives and fuck
When these two guys catch their wives screwing each other on the couch, what can they do but swap wives and fuck their brains out right there in the room? This is the kind of XXX hardcore foursome that we can't get enough of. Those cheating whores definitely learn their lesson when their hubbies bang both of 'em!

Wife Switch The Gables and The Beaches

Wife Switch The Gables and The Beaches
When The Beaches and The Gables get together for a swinging night of hardcore fun, things get XXX pretty quickly! Before long, both wive's pussies are getting plowed by both of the husbands, and as all our foursomes do, this one has a happy ending, if you know what we mean... Gotta see the action for yourself to find out!

Wife Switch The Paiges and The Evans

These two couples never swapped before. I'm guessing this won't be their last time either.
It took a little convincing to get Alana to agree to do a 'Wife Switch,' but in the end we were able to get The Paiges and The Evans to do a little wife swapping. It's great to see one couple fuck another. It might become a habit for these two if they don't look out.

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