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This picture makes much more sense after you know the plot.
There's a bit of a weird fetish thing about the site Watching My Mom Go Black, that I've never really understood. I know there's a group of guys out there that like the whole 'watching thing' that happens with porn sometimes. I don't know exactly how many there are, and I feel like I'm underestimating their numbers a bit, but that's really besides the point. I feel like it's a smaller group in the fetish world. Then, you have the interracial group that's here to check out the white girl black guy angle. That's probably a larger group of guys, than the first. And the you've got the whole MILF group of guys, which is probably the largest of the three groups, and where you're getting your biggest draw from. But what does the cross-over of those groups look like?

Watching My Mom Go Black - Simone and Miley

Watching My Mom Go Black - Simone and Miley
Today we're checking out the site Watching My Mom Go Black. The site that makes you think, I didn't see that one coming, about 50 times a scene. Now, I love MILF porn. I probably watch MILF porn about 30% of the time. ( which is a major percentage for me, because I'm pretty much all over the map ) The reason that I watch MILF or Mature porn is a bit different than you might think though..