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Conservative Parents to MTV: Tone It Down

And They Want To Tone Down This?
Well my fellow pervs, those conservative so called do gooders have done it again, this time they are going after the MTV music awards. Ah yes, the same one that last year gave us a good view of Miley Cyrus twerking giving us some sexy tongue while she was at it. Those were some good times wasn't they? At least I think so.

They are all Grown Up

They are all Grown Up
I know about now everybody is just about tired of hearing people bitch about how Miley Cyrus shook her ass at the VMA's in a skin color top and bottom doing a dance they call twerking. Oh and I almost forgot, she stuck her tongue out while doing it too. Big fucking deal. She's 20 years old right now and all grown up, if she wants to shake her ass, or twerk or whatever in the fuck you call it then that's her business.