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My Friends Hot Girl - Katie Jordin and Victoria Lawson

My Friends Hot Girl - Katie Jordin and Victoria Lawson
It doesn't take my persuading to get Jordin and Victoria to relive the glory days of their attention whoring in their college years. I'm not usually the guy that attention whores usually preform for, but if it happens in front of me, all the better. Saves me a trip to the strip club that night. And the best place to find attention whores is in college. Why doesn't college last 12 years instead of four?

My Dad's Hot Girlfriend Victoria Lawson

Victoria Lawson is My Dad's Sexy Girlfriend. I bet you she fucks really well.
With his Dad blowing him off for yet another father/son birthday, Chris is pretty bummed. Lucky for him Dad's new girlfriend Victoria Lawson is here to save the day! Surprising him with a birthday cake, she sets to feeding him some sweets, and when things get a little messy Chris decides to make her a little messy with his big sweet cock.