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Fucking Around the Christmas Tree

Fucking Around the Christmas Tree
It was Christmas eve and everybody was gone to bed,
What Santa didn't know was that he was going to get a whole lot of head.
From house to house he went,
But he didn't know that he would end up in the Lion's Den XXX.
One of the naughty little nymphos was hiding behind the tree,
To do the 40 oz bounce on Santa's jurassic cock and do it with glee.

Tits and Ass

Tits and Ass
I've been asked a many times whether I'm an ass man or a tit man and the truth is I love them both. I love a nice set of tits big or small and I love some juicy big wet asses. I'm talking about some that you can sit a drink on. I always tell people that I love to know that I'm with a woman.

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