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POV Life - Tia Cyrus

POV Life - Tia Cyrus
Well, I hope everyone out there has had a great Thanksgiving weekend, or whatever you happen to do in your country to celebrate farmers doing their fucking jobs. ( just kidding farmers ) We all know it's about celebrating the harvest or the Pilgrims fucking over the Native Americas ( Indians for all you politically incorrect people ) or whatever the holiday is about. All I know is, the holiday is an intricate game for me. The objective of the game is very simple. Try to get the fuck out as fast as possible, without my family thinking I've ducked out early. It's a difficult game that takes a lot of ground work that takes days to prepare. It consists of letting key gossips in the family know that I need to get back to do some work for my asshole boss.. or having to pick up a friend that's back in town after 10 years.. or needed to feed a dog for a friend that happens to be out of town. Any lie will work, just as long as you tell it days before you need too.

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