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The Interview is On

The Interview is On!
I'm pretty sure that you know the saying my fellow pervs, "the show must go on." Well, I'm pretty sure that Sony and a lot of theaters actually had that thought in mind when they decided to let The Interview go as planned. The movie made it's feature debut around the country on it's planned Christmas Day release, and so far there wasn't anything going on but a lot of laughing like a mother fucker from what I've been hearing around the media.

Here We Go Again

Shit Just Got Serious!
Just when you think shit can't get even more fucked up, you end up finding some more bullshit staring you in the face. I don't know if you heard the news about hackers having sand in their clits about a new movie that Sony produced and threatened attacks if theaters showed the movie. Ain't that some shit? More shit going on in the world and they are worried about a fucking movie? Bullshit if you ask me.