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Thanksgiving Could Be Sexy Too!
Here it is my fellow pervs, Thanksgiving or as some of us mother fuckers like to say, National Turkey day is back again. Yes, that time of year where you've got somebody slaving in the kitchen all day, while everybody else is watching the football game waiting for all the food to be done. One of the two days of the year where everybody pigs out, gaining weight that they promise to lose as a New Years resolution. The day where everybody gives thanks for pretty much everything including good porn. The day where everybody's trying to hurry up and finish dinner before they dash to make the long line for Black Friday. The time when....well, you get the idea.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
What am I thankful for this holiday, you might ask? Well let me think.. Breasts, vaginas, girls that let me touch their breasts and vaginas, anal, Penelope Cruz, the never ending dream that Penelope Cruz will do anal, football, cheerleaders, PS4, UPS drivers having sex in their trucks, Stacey Dash doing playboy.. I know I'm forgetting something here.. Oh ya, my family..