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Jurassic Cock - Tasia Banx

Jurassic Cock - Tasia Banx
Let's take a look at Jurassic Cock, or otherwise known as, the site that old male porn stars go to die. Everyone knows about all of the mature sites that are around for women. They even fell into their own special name of MILF. We all know them, love them, go to them all the time. But did you ever know that there was a site just like it, but for the male porn star? Did you ever have that thought enter your mind in any form or fashion? Me either. But it exists. And I'm guessing that it's a fetish of some type, but I'm only guessing on that one. I'm imagining that there's a group of guys out there that want this stuff. Or maybe there's a group of women out there with a father complex of some type? I haven't figured this one out yet.

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