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Big Tits at Work - Sybil Stallone

Big Tits at Work - Sybil Stallone
Today we're checking out Sybil Stallone and her enormous.. lips. Now you might be thinking, with tits like those, how are we talking about her lips? I just wanted to get some people's opinion on this one, as I've been seeing it a lot more and more recently. Now you have a few ends of the spectrum as far as fake lips go. You have the Kylie Jenners of the world that had small lips to start out, and put them up to a respectable size to compete with the rest of the ladies out there. Then you have girls like this, that just go way to far and end up looking like they got hit in the mouth with an aluminum bat, and need to recover for a few weeks. And then there's the line between, and knowing when you've crossed over it..

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