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Three's Company

Every Man's Fantasy!
The other day my wife came to me with something that I'm sure that is pretty much any horny mother fucker's dream. I'm not going to keep you in suspense any longer my wife came to me with the thought of having a threesome with her and another woman. Now, I know that's some shit that all of us dream about. I mean just about every mother fucker dreams about having a threesome with their woman.

It's Better to be a Swinger Than a Cheater

It Would Be Better to Be A Part of the Top Picture, Than It Would To Be A Part of the Bottom Picture. Don't You Agree?
If there's one thing that I always say my fellow pervs is that it's better for you to be honest about shit instead of lying because more than likely, when you lie, that shit has a way of catching up with you. When that shit happens then the consequences are worse than if you would have been honest about things in the first place. That has proven true a many of times and will continue to keep on doing the same fucking thing.