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Stupid Mother Fucker Of The Week: Roosh V

You Just Know He Paid These Chicks To Take A Picture With His Ass!
As you already know my fellow pervs, I'm not a big fan of mother fucking hookup gurus. These mother fuckers take advantage of sexually and relationship deprived people, giving them fucking advice that could end up working against them. It's bad enough for a mother fucker when they have a hard time trying to get laid, they don't need another mother fucker trying to make it harder for them than what they have to go through already trying to find somebody to be in a relationship with or at least tonight's girlfriend. Their bullshit methods don't really work and could end up costing the poor fucking sap that is eager to find somebody more than the fee they charged them for their so called expert advice.

Shooting Women because You Can't Get Pussy? WTF?

The Only Pistol You Should Be Using on Women is the One Between Your Legs!
It seems like there are more mother fuckers out there going crazy because some chick doesn't give them pussy. I'm pretty sure that you heard about that shit that went on in California where some mother fucker with blue fantasies got upset with some chicks because they didn't want to have sex with him and his friends. Ain't that some bullshit?