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Respect The Strippers

Strippers Damn Sure Deserve Respect Especially Because They Can Do That!
I was chatting with a stripper friend of mine the other day and she was telling me about something that happened with a customer acting like a gagging whore and didn't want to pay for the lap dance that she had gave him. He wanted it for free and thought that he shouldn't have to pay her because she wasn't giving him any pussy. Needless to say that the bouncer ended up bouncing his ass up out of the club and my friend pretty much lost money that she could have made with somebody that was willing to pay for a dance.

Watching Porn IS NOT Cheating

They Don't Think That Watching Porn is Cheating!
You know, there are just some mother fuckers out there who believe that just because somebody watches porn while they are in a relationship, that they are cheating and I'm here to tell you that it's bullshit. Watching porn is not fucking cheating. As a matter of fact it's nowhere near cheating. I don't even know where mother fuckers come up with this bullshit.

Strip Clubs are a Good Place for a Date

She's Happy He Took Her to the Strip Club
I know that one of the last places that you think it is good for you to take a date is somewhere us guys feel like a woman would not go, such as a strip club. We usually think that a woman is not going to even step foot in there because we have been in the mindset that women do not actually think about even going in a strip club full of women stripping down to their birthday suits but we are soon to find out that we are more wrong than we think.