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Springing Out

It's Springing Out!
Well, there's no question that Springtime is here once again my fellow pervs. I could tell that when I was sitting in my front yard one night listening this bird chirping his mother fucking love song. That's all good and dandy but it's not a good thing when you could hear that shit inside your house when you're trying to fucking sleep. Oh did I mention that the tree is close to my window and it was damn near 3 o'clock in the morning? Well it is and it was.

Spring Break 2014: Where the Beer's flowing Somebody's getting a Blowing

Spring Break 2014!
I know that if you live in some of the northern states that you can't really tell with all the snow and shit that's been falling but it's Springtime again my fellow pervs. In about as much as about a few weeks you could start peeling off those winter clothes and start enjoying the weather as it begins to warm up. Or maybe you're so tired of the fucking snow that you just want to head down south for a few weeks. I'm pretty fucking sure that you're thinking about doing the latter and what better fucking time to do it then Spring break?

Whatever Happens on Spring Break Stays on Spring Break

Whatever Happens on Spring Break Stays on Spring Break
Finally Spring Break is coming up and I'm sure that it's been a time that everyone has been waiting for. It's the time when all those in the closet naughty college coeds have been waiting for so that they can get away from mom and dad and get wild. They could leave the shelter of their college, go to another place where mostly nobody knows them and get wild.