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Social Porn

Social Porn
I've been up to my favorite pastime recently, which is deciphering porn star's twitter accounts. Like every other person in the world that has a twitter account, there's going to be a bit of a divide with what you're going to get. For instance, most of the time with celebs, it's mainly used as a marketing tool for whatever project that they happen to be working on at the time. It's mostly like that for stars like Deauxma. Where it's a mix of up coming projects and sexual fantasies, like..

Cum Disgrace Kita Zen

Watch this China Doll get Fucked and Abused
The Cum Disgrace crew decided it was time to pair up with the always hot Sophie Dee and find themselves a hot whore to fuck with. When they found Kita Zen, they knew they had their target for an aggressive sex session and taught this bitch a lesson.

Mr. Happy's Gloryhole Sophie Dee

Sophie Dee looked into the hole and got a cock in her mouth.
When Sophie Dee gets invited to do a scene for Mr. Happy's Gloryhole, she just can't turn them down! She walks in there butt naked and wraps her hand around that hard cock, letting him titty fuck her right through the glory hole... Soon she can't take it anymore and has to see who is behind the wall...