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Dick Sucking Socks

Only if Chicks like this grew out of Socks!
Yeah, you heard me right, I said "dick sucking socks." I know that's some fucking funny shit to think about. I mean how fucking funny would it be to wake up to a sock sucking your dick? Well, maybe it wouldn't be funny at first because you might lift up your covers to find out that your POV fantasy turns out to be a sock giving you a blowjob. I would imagine that would be a scary sight for the mother fucker that it happens to. Just imagine that shit, you're having a sex dream about a hot porn chick like Melissa Midwest sucking you off and the dream seems so real then you wake up to find that you are getting a blowjob. Then you lift up the covers thinking that you're gonna find some hottie getting you ready to go all anal XXX on her to find one of your socks giving you some deep throat love.